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07 January 2017

Nose thread, nose fillers!

Happy New Year guys! I'm so excited to embark on my 2017 journey~ So many stuffs coming on my way!

And so, alot of you guys were saying that I look slightly different. So, here's a little secret that I'm gonna share!

12 December 2016

Family Portrait in time for CNY- PPI Studio

Year end's around the corner, & it's 2017 very soon! HOOORAYYY!

You know, it's like a trend now to take pictures, even my mom's starting to learn and take selfies.
And yeah, today's topic is about photography!

With a recent collaboration with PPI Studio (PPI), my family went for a family potrait shoot. Here's a mini writeup of my experience with them, and I hope you feel as though you are there too!

08 December 2016

Gam3.Asia, the new one stop gaming venue!

Ever considered gaming and watching live streaming of competitions together with yr gaming buds?

Introducing: Gam3.Asia!

Huge ass screen, + full gaming rigs.

13 November 2016

Post botox & v-lift- food and face

And so, it's about a month now, and as promised, here are some pictures of my face during the whole month after my botox + v-lift!

Before (right), where the side of my jaw is pretty squarish, & after (left)

27 October 2016

Nunsongyee Korean Bingsu

The other day, I got to try the latest hype: BINGSU~

 If you guys are wondering what Bingsu is, it's actually shaved ice with red beans, which originated from Korea.

BUT. This bingsu that I am gonna introduce to you all, is not only about shaved ice! If you are a fan of milk, fruits, oreo and all things sweet, you are in for a treat!