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29 September 2010

Live life to the fullest

Hellooooo! I'm back! Sorry for the super duber small pics, as I sent it here using Iphone, (& ofcourse, I'm still damn noob at it :x)
And so, here's some updates for the month. I know I promised you guys to have a review on the samples from The Sample Store, but let me post this first! Spent most of my time away @ East Coast, trying to catch a Monkey over at Prize Station in exchange for a Hello Kitty Mahjong set. But apparently, Baby and I have not caught it. The cranes in the machine are like super loose, and we spent about 40 bucks, but only managed to pull one of the leg down!

Taddddda! Notice that the Monkey has a leg down, and is super tempting for us to continue catching. And then we got cheated. :(

Ate Taiwan Snowflakes too @ 32 Degree Farenheit. Super duber nice! Sadly, I was craving to eat it so much, that I didn't take a photo of the Snowflake! 

Saw Tamiya 'Race' too!

I'm not sure whether you guys can even see it, but it's actually a picture showing mini Police Cars chasing sport cars. It's super grossing to watch it! My bf and I stood there and watched till the whole Race has ended.

Last but not least, I wanna wish my Mom a

Signing off, Ivy!

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