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25 October 2010

Advertorial: Tees

Ever thought of designing yr own tees? Ever want to get tees for your classmates? Here's exactly what u need to do!
Contact me, and pass me the design. I'll give you the quotings! And of course, the more pieces u get, the lower the price will be!

Includes customisation of:
  1. T-Shirts
  2. xballer jerseys
  3. Windbreakers
  4. Uniforms
  5. Caps
  6. Others (towels, micro tees, non woven bags)

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Contact me thru facebook, formspring, email or phone!

19 October 2010

Happy days ought to last longer

On 16 October, it was bf and my monthsary! We went to Sentosa- Cafedelmar!

And then off we went to The Central,

To buy Sticky! Super nice sweet sold, and they are opening another branch over at Paragon!

Went Clarke Quay to walk, and my next plan of the year: G-Max Bungee!

Ice cream that doesn't drop off the cone when inverted! :)

My wonderful boyfriend had been trying his best to make me happy, I know. But I'm ever happy, so long I have him. Baby I know you'll be looking at my blog- so here's something I have for you.

I love you darling, Happy 4th Monthsary

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Sanrio Fiesta Fair 2010

 Love hello Kitty tooo much!? Visit their last day @ Takashimaya Talking Hall, B1!

Celebrate Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary with new anniversary premiums, specials buys and exclusive merchandise from Japan! Fair ends on 20th Oct. :)

17 October 2010

Food, hunger

 Hellllo everyone! I'm back! Yupp, exams are round the corner, and my bad habits are here. What I would do when I'm stressed up and bored, is that I would EAT. I would dig and find everywhere around my house, and then just munch while blogging/reading/watching tv. How unhealthy right? :x
And so, introducing my few munchies. :)

This is a Japan-made butter cookie. Super nicee!

Wonka & Wangwang!

This seaweed from Cameroon Highlands, super nice!

And oh, I would be opening up a blogshop soon. (Not really open la, but is help my boss mend) Either way, do help and support! Will be updating this space till :)
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Shall update again soon, loves.

14 October 2010

If only, sometimes

Yes, I AM SAD. I don't really know why actually, but I just feel melancholy and depressed. Maybe it's just normal moodswings, maybe, it's not. Whatever it is- I just wna RANT RANT RANT.

  1. I hate exams
  2. I wna be slim and pretty
  3. I wish money would fall off the sky
  4. I wna find a job- ASAP.
  5. I wna kill the creator of Msn, yes the windows live whatsoever.
  6. I wna take private, I don't wna go to school
  7. I want to re-renovate my room
  8. I want a dressing table
  9. I want to get my hair permed & dyed
Okay, loves. Bye~

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13 October 2010

Cameroon Highlands

Hey helloooo! My beloved mother just came back from Malaysia- Cameroon Highlands. Sadly, I didn't get to go. Have exams!

Here are some of the pictures my mom took. So, enjoy!


 Some random red flowers

 Oh, this is damn cool, it's a bird- HEAVEN BIRD

 Black/Red Rose

 Cactus! So cool huh?!

 Have you guys eaten Strawberries, and wonder how it came about? From trees? Bushes? Plants?
Here's the answer!



PS: This fruit thingy looks like a watermelon. Are you telling that to yrself?! If you're, then I'm sorry to dissapoint you. This, IS, an A.P.P.L.E!

09 October 2010

Do me a favour, will you?

Hey hello! People, do me a favour, help me win $$!
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07 October 2010

I sure do miss you.

Movie Contest

Hello readers! I'm back. Fell sick ytd, and am now at home resting. Went across nuffnang's website, and saw a contest about winning movie tix!

You Again!
I'm damn excited when I saw the movie on ads, and now is my chance to win them! So ppl, please do me a favour, log on to fb, and reply to my trend! My facebook wall

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06 October 2010

IPhone 4!

Helllllllllo readers! This post was abit out-of-date, but I'm too bored now, so I've decided I shud blog!
And so, my beloved boyfriend bought me an iPhone 4 a month ago, just cos I told him I like it. He's damn good to me right? Hee, I can see green envious eyes all around now!

Taddddda! The iPhone4 we both have. :) We even got the same casing!

Overall, the phone is alright. The battery lasts longer than I expected it to, and also, the phone doesn't hang. Of course, there's no whatsoever reception problems/bugs. Everything is just fine.
Feel bad for neglecting my Blackberry when I just bought it, but I have to make my stand clear- I still love BB the most, and that I have iPhone 3gs, still.

Although iPhone and Blackberry are both smartphones, but they have so much differences! Blackberry is for those who rely on emails and phone calls, and on the other hand, iPhone is for gamers who wants a new try other than PSP/DS! They both share similarities: like eg, they both use data plans, and can surf internet wherever the user wants.
Although BB's camera is only 3.2 mp while iPhone's 5 (if I'm not wrong), both images look quite similar, with not much of difference.

With love, Ivy (Click on nuffies!)

05 October 2010

Cathay, the best?

Cathay Cineplex, have a history of 75 years in Singapore. It has expanded from Cinema to many other variety. It's branded to have the best Popcorn and seatings, esp the timings of the shows- fixed interval of every 2 hours.

But why is that their service attitude sucks like shyt?!? Baby, ryan and I went to The Cathay to watch Detective Dee, and something showed umpteen shitty attitude.

First, the show started 5 minutes earlier than usual. Then when it started rolling,  the show was somehow not objected to the screen, while the movie is playing, and that the sounds are on. I turned to check what the employees were doing upstairs, and it turned out to be that two of their workers were chatting. After which, nearing the finale of the show, the movie's lights were turned on, and the the show's muted. The audience have to watch a muted show for about 5 MIN, before they made adjustments to the show. But this wasn't it. They didn't even bother to rewind the part where it was muted for us, and neither did they apologise.

The stupid workers have to wait till one of the businessman there to kick a fuss about it. And so, a guy stood up at the end of the show, and demanded for the manager.

Cathay's servicing really did spoil my mood last Saturday, but still, I was glad that we got ourselves an extra complimentary tix free! (The manager gave us a 1 for 2 tix, which is also able to be used for 3D movies!)

At least there's something that they did to compensate us :)

02 October 2010

Live life, enjoy.

Life is irritating at times. Your problems keep coming, and they don't seem to be ending.