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05 October 2010

Cathay, the best?

Cathay Cineplex, have a history of 75 years in Singapore. It has expanded from Cinema to many other variety. It's branded to have the best Popcorn and seatings, esp the timings of the shows- fixed interval of every 2 hours.

But why is that their service attitude sucks like shyt?!? Baby, ryan and I went to The Cathay to watch Detective Dee, and something showed umpteen shitty attitude.

First, the show started 5 minutes earlier than usual. Then when it started rolling,  the show was somehow not objected to the screen, while the movie is playing, and that the sounds are on. I turned to check what the employees were doing upstairs, and it turned out to be that two of their workers were chatting. After which, nearing the finale of the show, the movie's lights were turned on, and the the show's muted. The audience have to watch a muted show for about 5 MIN, before they made adjustments to the show. But this wasn't it. They didn't even bother to rewind the part where it was muted for us, and neither did they apologise.

The stupid workers have to wait till one of the businessman there to kick a fuss about it. And so, a guy stood up at the end of the show, and demanded for the manager.

Cathay's servicing really did spoil my mood last Saturday, but still, I was glad that we got ourselves an extra complimentary tix free! (The manager gave us a 1 for 2 tix, which is also able to be used for 3D movies!)

At least there's something that they did to compensate us :)

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