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17 October 2010

Food, hunger

 Hellllo everyone! I'm back! Yupp, exams are round the corner, and my bad habits are here. What I would do when I'm stressed up and bored, is that I would EAT. I would dig and find everywhere around my house, and then just munch while blogging/reading/watching tv. How unhealthy right? :x
And so, introducing my few munchies. :)

This is a Japan-made butter cookie. Super nicee!

Wonka & Wangwang!

This seaweed from Cameroon Highlands, super nice!

And oh, I would be opening up a blogshop soon. (Not really open la, but is help my boss mend) Either way, do help and support! Will be updating this space till :)
Go to http://www.camqueenoftheyear.com/profile.php?id=335 and like me! Click on my nuffies tooo ;)

Shall update again soon, loves.

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