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14 October 2010

If only, sometimes

Yes, I AM SAD. I don't really know why actually, but I just feel melancholy and depressed. Maybe it's just normal moodswings, maybe, it's not. Whatever it is- I just wna RANT RANT RANT.

  1. I hate exams
  2. I wna be slim and pretty
  3. I wish money would fall off the sky
  4. I wna find a job- ASAP.
  5. I wna kill the creator of Msn, yes the windows live whatsoever.
  6. I wna take private, I don't wna go to school
  7. I want to re-renovate my room
  8. I want a dressing table
  9. I want to get my hair permed & dyed
Okay, loves. Bye~

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