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17 November 2010

Bored w/o them

Spent my wonderful weekend over at Sentosa! 

1st stop: New York City/ Hollywood! There were only a few stuffs there, not much, only 2. But one of it is opening soon. The ride that I went is 'Lights, Camera, Action'! It's a telecast of a scene in New York City, when hurricane strikes the city. Super real 4D effects that enables us to really feel fire, wind, rain and even earthquakes!
Mini Red Van that sells popcorn!

Traffic light.

My precious one and I posing, pretending to be some star.

Here's Junhui, and my brother

Super cool drain that actually emits mist!

Idk what happened to the digital cam, but we took like 4? And this is the best.

Junhui and his stairs walking

Ha! Guess what are they doing!

- Instructing my bro to pose with the wooden door!

Classic car no. 1

Classic car no. 2

Hollywood dancer that poses upon seeing any camera!

Fake cinema entrance

Us, trying to act policeman/woman


Little yellow taxi!

This is found near the 'parking lot'


Street dancers!



Kungfu PANDA!

Gonna end my post here first, with the first main attraction in USS. They have like:  SIX in total?! Don't blame me peeps, blame blogger for taking ages to upload my photo. Shall be back soon!
PS: Like my bonbon amour picture pweeeeeassssssseeeee! && click on my nuffies. <3

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