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01 November 2010

Johor 23 Oct

Went wedding dinner over at Johor! Long trip there, and funny stuffs happened on the car. Promised my beloved bf not to say though, so it shall be kept as a secret :x

The wedding venue, with stage beautifully decorated. Notice the cake? You can't see it clearly from the pictures, but it's damn pretty!

The family of bride and groom for the 'yam seng' ceremony.

Dish no1: Cold dish

Dish no2: Shark's fin with Scallop (The soup were finished off so quickly that I didn't get a chance to snap a clearly pic.)

Dish no3: The snapper. They call it, hong ban?

Dish no6: My fave, Roasted Duck!
PS: Dish 4 and 5 wasn't posted as the photo taken was unclear! It was Sea Cucumber, and prawns.

Last dish: Honeydew Sago! ♥

The goodie bag of which baby doesn't know how to close- consisting of a cookie and small bunch of milk choco.

The trip overall was good, and food there was nice! I forgot to take note of the name of the restaurant, but I will do a research, and hopefully, I'll be able to provide you readers with a name! :)

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