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16 December 2010

Abit of fun, laughter and love

Been tweeting alot. Holidays are ending, and my frown is coming. Have to go back to my stupid school again, till. my O's done. Which is like- 10 months away?! I'm like horrified of school. The mundane life, monotonous teaching. Zzzzz

Gotten my pay today. & I've got to say, my boss's mad geigao! He actually didn't count my OT into the pay. I went to confront him, and then he said: 'Nonoo, I didn't ask you to work OT what.' LIKE NONSENSE LA. He's the one who started all the 'eh girl, you today work 1 hr more.'
Crazy employer I've got there. Good thing I only worked for 3 days. Bahhh.

Went Bugis with love today, and managed to eat KFC. Done like a few good deeds tgt with him, and we're both glad about it.

Oh, and it's the 6th month-sary!
My love for u, will never end

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