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30 December 2010

Back from the moon

HAD A BLAST DURING XMAS! But as I said in the previous post, xmas doesn't just end like that! Went Jurong Point the other day with my boy to continue our shopping spree! Thus, went to a shop there called Beadthesweet. It sells all the jewels/bling/beads/3d stuffs u need for beading, nail art, and even decorating hp! The melody on my BB below is bought from there too. <3

The love of my life.

Gigantic xmas tree in between Jp and Boon Lay mrt!
This magical tree 'sings' every fort-hourly on weekends!(Sadly we went on a weekday)

Pepper Lunch for DINNER. Haha, wonder why is it called 'lunch' when it opens till late night!

This selfish PRC bought a foldable CHAIR into the mrt and just sat beside the door like nobody's business.
Plus, the trip is only from Eunos to Pasir Ris?? Like SEVEN stops only.

Kites with neon lights. Damn pretty, they look like stars.

2011 is gonna arrive, and school's starting. All th burdens and stress are all back to one place now. Wish life was easier- only peace and love.
Too many haters in my life. I wish them a VERY Happy New Year. Ciaoooos!

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