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13 December 2010

Holidays spent fruitfully

It's been long. Haven't been blogging since 123445656 days ago. Was working, working, and working. Life's alright so far. Just can't wait for 2011 to be over. (So that I can leave JYSS) Enjoying my holidays now, although working is tough, but at least I earn while wasting time- rather than doing pointless stuffs. Prawning over at Bishan (which is actually located near amk @ Sin Ming Ave) once in awhile, movie, singing, shopping.
Relaxing and resting.

Okay, I know I sound quite monotonous. It's cos I just kn pwned in DOTA by some retarded hongster. The word hongster shud explain why the hell I'm in such a bad mood.

Nieces came over to my house, like during mid Nov for a weekend. The four of them came, Charis, Charlotte, Chloe and Nana. Bf was bullied by two of them, but they were all having loads of fun!

Blogger is taking their own sweet time to blog, so I shall schedule my next blog with many pictures! This short post here is to keep up with my promise in my fb saying that I'll post before mid December.

Ciaos readers! Will update before the week ends, :)

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