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14 December 2010

Love, can never be so perfect

Having little children around u is great. But having too many at one go, is quite a bad idea! At my house on a Sunday during Nov, 4 of my nieces came over! Baby and I took turns to babysit them while my bro and his friend accompanied them to fly kites! That weekend was awesomely spent! Just that my poor boy was bullied by them.

Charis - Peek-a-Boo!
All 4 of them + my baby boy

Siblings- Chloe, Charlotte, Charis (clockwise)

Charlotte: Can I have some?
That's my dad btw. Charlotte is the oldest among the twins.

Nana & Chloe


Charlotte and Charis.
Incase you guys are wondering what they are looking at, they are actually looking at my boy, who was eating a candy.

The two Carpenters, trying to fix Charlotte's toy bike.

Signature move created by baby randomly.

All of us tgt, sadly bro and his friend was busy.

Having mini family gatherings once in awhile is wonderful, it helps the family bond. I love them all. :) & Last but not least, I have to thank my bf for entertaining them, making their time spent here happier. Loves, xoxo

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