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31 December 2010

New year resolutions

Yay! 2010 is gonna end, and here comes 2011! Doin this last minute post using bb's iPhone, so there won't be any photos! Well, it's been a bad and good year all together. I lost my grandmother this year. But I got a boyf instead. When life takes away something from u, they will definitely give u something in return. I've got a brand new hater, but in return, it boosts up my confidence! Enough about 2010, let's hop on to a brand new year!
So, for the new year, we would have brand new resolutions. And tadaaa, here are some of them:

1. I have to lose 4kg- I'm way too heavy

2. To grow taller by 8cm- I still haven't reach my ideal height yet!

3. No more swollen eyes- I am way to allergic to dust

4. Exercise every night before sleeping- Lazy as I am, I start for awhile, and then stop my routine

5. Earn and save more $- I spend money too quickly

6. Buy an instant camera- That's for getting my Scrapbook done!

7. More Melody items- Hopefully my whole room will be filled with Sanrio items.

8. New cosmetics- Brand new look!

9. New wardrobe- I don't have place to put my clothes anymore!

10. New wallet- My current wallet is worn and torn.

11. Get less than 9 points for o's

12. More peace and harmony in my family, SG, and the Earth.

Hopefully all of my resolutions will be done, and that this brand new year will be a better one! Lastly, I hope my little babyboy will be happier in 2011. :)
PS: Will upload more photos in my next post. Ciaoos ppl! See ya again in 2011!

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