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31 January 2011

Sentosa & A day of fun!

It was my bday celebration on Sat. Baby planned for the whole day. But things didn't go quite well.
Set off to Sentosa from Vivo at around 2plus, after waiting for Tim to reach. Sadly, when we arrived, it was drizzling. But it didn't stop us! Reason being that we saw what's happening in Cafe Del Mar! - Bubble foam pool. Went in and played like little children. All our cams/phones are all non waterproof. Thus no pics taken!

Picture taken while snacking under shelter.

Tim on the left, Jeremy on the right. Damn candid

Group photo! Eve, Me, Sophie, Tim, Jeremy, Baby, Ryan. (Foreground to background, left to right.)

Then we went Empire State for dinner! Bro and Alvin joined us.

The table full of food that we ordered!

Jeremy soon went off to meet his friend after billing.

Off to kbox at Cineleisure. Jeremy joined us for the session.
I didn't know that they actually planned something for me! Baby went missing suddenly, and I just thought he went to have a smoke.
Then suddenly. The bday song played and baby came in with this-

I was so happy! 

And then we took a group photo.
I look tmd ugly and unprepared cos I'm still shocked and (as you can see), totally have no idea about this.

Photoshop does wonders. But I decided to post the ugly photo into my blog rather than editing it. Then I still can officially say: I DON'T PHOTOSHOP!

25 January 2011

A little time to do something I love

Life. Has been fucked for me. Hectic school schedules, painful body, miserable life. Am on the verge of breaking down. Everything just came upon me. Cny feels more like a break for me from everybody, rather than a festive event. It looks like it's a birthday. But it seems like I'm gonna celebrate for my one year near death. Sorry for being so negative people- but I've got nowhere else to rant already. Life really, really sucks.

Enough of ranting. On a lighter note, let's talk about stuffs that I had done during the first month of 2011. Didn't really get to talk many pictures, cos my room's messing, and my cny buys are mad lying around all over my room. Shall tidy up on Sunday!

Well, share a pic of my boy first:
Although we did quarrel at times, but he was there when I need help.

Had another hair cut. & I have the exact same hairstyle as my Maths teacher. Wow?!

Okay I look fat in the above, but I think it's the top. Cos the picture below was taken a day before only. I couldn't put on so much weight in a day, can't I?

Mandarin Oranges given by my hairstylist. He claims: "I charge u surcharge, but I give u oranges okay!"
Damn funny.

This iphone 4 cpl cover was given by baby's sister. She bought it from Hk and then got to know from us that Sg also have. LOL! But at least she didn't get scammed, and got it at a cheaper price there.

Wendy's baked potato- Carboooooo! :( (Once in awhile is good.)

Don't really have any pictures to post anymore, so I shall flood the post with words.
  1. My birthday is coming! - It falls on cny.
  2. Damn excited about what baby and friends have in store for me on Sat.
Seriously, I do hate people who break promises. Although I know that there won't be anyone that would keep their promises all the way, but. I still choose to believe; naively.
In the world of melancholy- loves.

24 January 2011

Something to share

Always fancy a Xbox 360 but have got no money to buy? Fred not! Here's a chance for you to win. Simply just go to the website below, and play the game! By doing so, the highest score shall take home an Xbox 360! So join now!

Infocomm Talent SG contest

18 January 2011

Pictures speak louder than words

Haven't been blogging for quite some time. Busy schooling schedule- sometimes I don't even get to sleep!
Some of you might wonder, why would I be still in Sec 4 when I'm like 17? Well, it's cos of a stupid decision that I had made. It caused me a year to make up to that mistake.

As you guys might know, I'm currently studying in Jun Yuan Secondary School. It's not a known school at all, but I believe it's improving. (due to this new atas principal who have just joined us)
But before this, I was in Bedok View. A much more better school than Jyss, and it was like branded one of the better schools in Bedok.

It was such a good school. Fabulous teachers, students. I wonder why am I out of there in the first place.
Oh well, regretting is not what I shud be doing now. I shud jolly well just look ahead of me and start making plans and resolutions for my O levels. I needa brush up on my English more, so as to achieve good grades.

Good luck to people who are taking/re-taking the papers! You can go to this website though, to see the COP for this year, and gauge for the next year's. It ought to decrease by one point or so:
COP for Temasek Polytechnic

 No pictures taken recently- chaos sleeping timings made me lost lots of sleep, and I have eye bags so deep that I don't wna face the world. Shall post pics in the next issue!


12 January 2011


Life ain't a bed of roses. Not to mention school though. It's dreadful.
Had a few bitching sessions with a few of my close babes in class on the first day of school. We have got so many things to talk about. And then I got to know that we were actually banded for certain lessons. Eg, English, Chemistry.
Our previous form teacher did not follow us up to the most impt education level in our life, neither did our Maths teacher. So facing new FT, Maths, Social Studies, English, Chemistry, Physics and POA teacher, I have to face the fact that we would take longer time than others to bond with our new teachers.
Also, I kinda dislike my English teacher's teaching style. Although we're like not the best band, but we're still adults already (which means me can take theory lessons). But being crazy as can be, she actually adopted methods from Primary Schools on the first lessons. Bad impression. She made people volunteer and sit in front of the classrooms, clapping their hands. Nobody understood her intentions, but still follow suit, so that they can delay their time for lessons and writing more.

Generally, school's been awesome, except the fact that it's tiring and stressful.