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25 January 2011

A little time to do something I love

Life. Has been fucked for me. Hectic school schedules, painful body, miserable life. Am on the verge of breaking down. Everything just came upon me. Cny feels more like a break for me from everybody, rather than a festive event. It looks like it's a birthday. But it seems like I'm gonna celebrate for my one year near death. Sorry for being so negative people- but I've got nowhere else to rant already. Life really, really sucks.

Enough of ranting. On a lighter note, let's talk about stuffs that I had done during the first month of 2011. Didn't really get to talk many pictures, cos my room's messing, and my cny buys are mad lying around all over my room. Shall tidy up on Sunday!

Well, share a pic of my boy first:
Although we did quarrel at times, but he was there when I need help.

Had another hair cut. & I have the exact same hairstyle as my Maths teacher. Wow?!

Okay I look fat in the above, but I think it's the top. Cos the picture below was taken a day before only. I couldn't put on so much weight in a day, can't I?

Mandarin Oranges given by my hairstylist. He claims: "I charge u surcharge, but I give u oranges okay!"
Damn funny.

This iphone 4 cpl cover was given by baby's sister. She bought it from Hk and then got to know from us that Sg also have. LOL! But at least she didn't get scammed, and got it at a cheaper price there.

Wendy's baked potato- Carboooooo! :( (Once in awhile is good.)

Don't really have any pictures to post anymore, so I shall flood the post with words.
  1. My birthday is coming! - It falls on cny.
  2. Damn excited about what baby and friends have in store for me on Sat.
Seriously, I do hate people who break promises. Although I know that there won't be anyone that would keep their promises all the way, but. I still choose to believe; naively.
In the world of melancholy- loves.

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