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18 January 2011

Pictures speak louder than words

Haven't been blogging for quite some time. Busy schooling schedule- sometimes I don't even get to sleep!
Some of you might wonder, why would I be still in Sec 4 when I'm like 17? Well, it's cos of a stupid decision that I had made. It caused me a year to make up to that mistake.

As you guys might know, I'm currently studying in Jun Yuan Secondary School. It's not a known school at all, but I believe it's improving. (due to this new atas principal who have just joined us)
But before this, I was in Bedok View. A much more better school than Jyss, and it was like branded one of the better schools in Bedok.

It was such a good school. Fabulous teachers, students. I wonder why am I out of there in the first place.
Oh well, regretting is not what I shud be doing now. I shud jolly well just look ahead of me and start making plans and resolutions for my O levels. I needa brush up on my English more, so as to achieve good grades.

Good luck to people who are taking/re-taking the papers! You can go to this website though, to see the COP for this year, and gauge for the next year's. It ought to decrease by one point or so:
COP for Temasek Polytechnic

 No pictures taken recently- chaos sleeping timings made me lost lots of sleep, and I have eye bags so deep that I don't wna face the world. Shall post pics in the next issue!


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