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12 January 2011


Life ain't a bed of roses. Not to mention school though. It's dreadful.
Had a few bitching sessions with a few of my close babes in class on the first day of school. We have got so many things to talk about. And then I got to know that we were actually banded for certain lessons. Eg, English, Chemistry.
Our previous form teacher did not follow us up to the most impt education level in our life, neither did our Maths teacher. So facing new FT, Maths, Social Studies, English, Chemistry, Physics and POA teacher, I have to face the fact that we would take longer time than others to bond with our new teachers.
Also, I kinda dislike my English teacher's teaching style. Although we're like not the best band, but we're still adults already (which means me can take theory lessons). But being crazy as can be, she actually adopted methods from Primary Schools on the first lessons. Bad impression. She made people volunteer and sit in front of the classrooms, clapping their hands. Nobody understood her intentions, but still follow suit, so that they can delay their time for lessons and writing more.

Generally, school's been awesome, except the fact that it's tiring and stressful.

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