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19 February 2011

CNY eve

Hey yo people! Secondary 4 is so damn tough. Been all tired out, thus don't really have the time to blog! This post was backdated, with a few more outstanding posts with loads of photos! Well on CNY eve AKA my bday eve, I had my reunion dinner with my family at Swensens!

We went to Tm at first, to Sakae, and then Din Tai Fung. - They were closed for the day! Thus we thought that Crystal Jade might have space for a small family of four. Who knows, when we reached there, it's all empty! & that was also when we found out that they only allow customers that make reservations like, 1 month ago? So left with no other choice, we decided to dine at Swensens! It was quite pleasant though, as I haven't been eating it for awhile.

Salmon Salad that my dad insisted to order

Fish & Chips x3 for Dad, Mom & I! (All time favourite)

Super salty Mushroom soup

Bro's smoked Salmon!

And then when we went for a movie: It's a Great Great World, with baby around this time.
Went home and saw new bedsheet + blanket! Madlove the pink.

And decos of my house! The photography skills really sucks, as my batt was gna go flat, & I was rushing to snap everything and upload it. Blogger's WAY TOO LAGGY.

Shall blog again on CNY & Sentosa Flowers! Hope many of you guys won the Toto just now!

09 February 2011

Pizza Hut with the girls

As most of you people should know, this year's cny falls on the same day as my birthday! Thus I celebrated my bday twice. Once with my bf and his friends, and the other time with my classmates! Went Pizza Hut on the 2nd, and the service was kinda fucked. We waited for like 20 minutes before we got served! This was how we spent the 20 minutes.

Muneera and I


All of us!




We ordered quite a lot of stuffs, but couldn't really finish all! Baby joined us afterwards, and then Alina, Mun and Irene went off. 

Still camwhoring when we reached T1's smoking corner.
Fyi, the shops were all closed, thus we chit chat a bit there, and then head to our own respective reunion dinner!

Thank you baby girls for the wonderful afternoon and gifts! <3