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19 February 2011

CNY eve

Hey yo people! Secondary 4 is so damn tough. Been all tired out, thus don't really have the time to blog! This post was backdated, with a few more outstanding posts with loads of photos! Well on CNY eve AKA my bday eve, I had my reunion dinner with my family at Swensens!

We went to Tm at first, to Sakae, and then Din Tai Fung. - They were closed for the day! Thus we thought that Crystal Jade might have space for a small family of four. Who knows, when we reached there, it's all empty! & that was also when we found out that they only allow customers that make reservations like, 1 month ago? So left with no other choice, we decided to dine at Swensens! It was quite pleasant though, as I haven't been eating it for awhile.

Salmon Salad that my dad insisted to order

Fish & Chips x3 for Dad, Mom & I! (All time favourite)

Super salty Mushroom soup

Bro's smoked Salmon!

And then when we went for a movie: It's a Great Great World, with baby around this time.
Went home and saw new bedsheet + blanket! Madlove the pink.

And decos of my house! The photography skills really sucks, as my batt was gna go flat, & I was rushing to snap everything and upload it. Blogger's WAY TOO LAGGY.

Shall blog again on CNY & Sentosa Flowers! Hope many of you guys won the Toto just now!

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