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28 April 2011



Being so busy with school that I don't even have time to blog. Sorry people! I will update this space soon. In that case, do follow my twitter!

24 April 2011

Girlfriends are a bother

Okay, as stated on my post, you people must have guessed what happened. Yes, I quarrelled with my girlfriend. A what, 4-5 years long friend? Maybe not all girlfriends are a bother, but definitely this is, some are. I have had friends that are super close with me back stabbing me and stuffs, but that's not much worser than this. To cut things short, it's just cause of what she said to my bf, and telling me whatsoever she thinks is from her. Like whuuuuut? She enjoys putting words in other's mouth. Maybe it's not entirely her fault, but even so, she shouldnt do that what.

Enough of that. On a lighter note, it's Easter! As you readers should know, I love Melody! She's like also a rabbit, so I was like spamming 'happy birthday' tweets to her. Haha I know it's kinda lame, but somehow I'm such a huge fan of that red rabbit, to be so delirious to do that.

Either way, I'm gna get a Melody item to mark this day.

I'm once again typing on IPhone,
and thus no pictures!
Ciaos! Next post soon. <3!

22 April 2011

Post without pictures

Hello people! Have you been following me on Twitter?

You will get the latest updates there, like real time!
I'm now at Casa Merah Condominium, with Melven, Cherie, Soon How, Wei Sheng and baby! We're drinking, and making super lots of noise. Mostly the boys though. Oh and btw, from my next post, I'll be posting the MOTD!- Moon of the day. :)
The moon's super round recently, and I have a feeling that it's gna be like that all the way till end of the month!

So do look forward to my upcoming post, and wishing you readers a Happy Easter Day & Good Friday! <3

21 April 2011

I am back.

Hello people! It's been awhile. Have been busy studying and striving hard for my studies, thus didn't have the time to blog. I know I neglected all of you readers!
So I'm here to announce: that I'm officially back. To blogspot, and not gonna move again. Wordpress is super hard to use, especially when your domain is not really under wordpress itself!
But my http://sauceink.com/hothotshortie blog is still available, but just that my weekly assignments will be posted there. The rest about lifestyles, adverts and related- WILL BE HERE!
Happy not? Haha. So what are you waiting for? Click on my nuffies! :):)

Once again, thank you readers for your support, and patience. <3!

Will be blogging with Pictures soon.