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09 June 2011


Okay this post is gonna be about the rants and stuffs, you can choose to not read on as right below this post is my current, new, actual post. AJKJFHDKJHFDKJKJHJKDHFJKDHF

Had my nails done not long ago, and I thought my happy days would start from then. Got interviewed by two employers, and got shortlisted for both high paying jobs. Was kinda happy at that time, but now, I'm starting to doubt so. Maybe like wasn't gonna be all well. Just some.

So that's the happy issues, and the stuffs that I've done. Oh and not forgetting that I prepared stuffs for our 1 year anni. Super cool, I spent like 1 month saving up the amount. Wasn't much of an achievement though, cause it was only two digits. But > $50 OKAY! Haha, at least I put in the efforts. :)

OH HEY! I feel so much better now! HAHAHAH.

Xoxo (abrupt ending)

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