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24 June 2011


Problems occurs in everyone's life. Some have their's at work, while others at home.

But why not, just cheer up? Find something that makes you laugh, like pictures!

Crazy huh? The google search engine calls it the- CRAZY. PENGUINNN!

Okay, just some bullshit to make you guys spend more time on my site. Hope you people did not close the window! ^^

And so, the impt thing that I want to say is that- I CHANGED MY BLOG'S URL!!!


It's still undergoing revamp. By my BFF, but it will be up, I hope before school reopens! Lastly, I would like to share a wonderful site-

They are super cool, and they are holding a Voyage De La Vie Give away!!

BFF DEAL: So I would like to call upon ladies who are interested in the show, furthermore interested in buying NICE clothes online to share with me and purchase up to 4 items! This is then, the only way to join the draw to the show on Sunday

BFFs Deal winners will be announced on Saturday 2300hrs!


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