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22 June 2011

Tattoo, art or?

As what the title has suggested, this post shall be about tattoos.
Bf and ws went to put tattoo at FEP, a shop opened by baby's friend! The tattooist and his partner's work are fab, and they don't overcharge! Super good for people that are poor but still wna put tatt.

And so below is an unrelated photo of baby. Isn't he cute?? ^^


So I was at FEP, tgt with baby and ws!
The pic shows the tattoo artist and I! If you were to notice carefully, you can spot my bf in the pic too! He's like lying down as he's doing his chest.


Here's the tatt that baby had done- in 2 hours! Super efficient right? Outline, shading and colour all at once, in 2 short hours! (It's kind of blurry and dark here, cause this pic was taken in a lift, with baby's head blocking the light. Hence the shadow)

You can actually view more of his works here! http://www.facebook.com/weifongdaniel?sk=photos#!/media/set/?set=a.1106133696953.2016154.1335095958


Then we went over again another day, to accompany ws to do his tattoo.


The above was the unfinished pic, as it's the first session only! But still super fast okay, praying hands, cross and dove all at once! (Note: The Jesus wasn't done by this tattooist, thus the diff. You compare you know liao :x)

It looks kinda weird I know, but do follow me on Twitter, I will be tweeting the end product after the background and etc are done! ^^
Follow me- @ParamourVin on twitter.


Super pretty, I know. Furthermore, the tattoo artist is friendly! Makes it less painful, does it? Haha. If you wna know more details, or would like to put a tattoo, you make contact the tattoo artist directly, or email me!

Daniel- http://www.facebook.com/weifongdaniel?sk=photos#!/weifongdaniel
(Red Sun Tattoo Art at FEP)
My email: iintoxiicatedd@hotmail.com

And to further beautify my post, here's a picture of US camwhoring while ws is putting his Tattoo! ^^


The tattoo artist's partner is super friendly too! He even offered me his desk to put my big box of cupcakes! See, there's no reason for you not to go!


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