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29 July 2011

Ginvera DIY Facial to Zero Blackheads

Hello people! Went to Hougang Mall on 27th, for a Ginvera workshop! They released a new product in the Green Tea Whitening Series!- BB Cream

Here's the powerpoint slide stating the products of the whole series.


And then the speaker of the day, she's super friendly!


'How blackheads are formed'


The other participants..


And the products that were laid on our tables!





The beauty consultant using Marvel Gel to exfoliate my face. She's damn pro okay! She was standing behind me all along, and she had to use marvel gel, toner, mosturiser, bb cream on me while in that position! Plus I'm super short, as you can see, she needs to bend down- like for an hour.


After the demostration on me, the other participants started to DIY on their faces!


This is the cleansing process....



Was checking for blackheads using their 20x magnifying glass-torch, and was shocked that it really reduced significantly!

And then another test to further prove that not only will it remove my blackheads, it would also increase the rate of absorption on my skin!

So on the left you have the one that has used Marvel Gel, and the right that has not.

I'm not too sure if you guys could see, but the toner dripped onto my right hand (which is the left one) was fully absorbed already! While the right has not. Still can see the toner bubbling there.


So.... Marvel Gel really increases the absorption rate of my skin!



Now for another test... - Oil Test


My right face, that has been through exfoliating by Marvel Gel had almost no oil at all, while my left face has oil!

This was a fair test, as both face was cleansed with wet wipes before, so the excess oil has already been removed!





Now, after applying mosturiser, it's time for the new BB Cream! You can see below, in the background of the picture, that there's a test of the greasiness on the Ginvera's new bb cream in comparison with brand A and B. Apparently, after 5min... 15 min... 30 min.... or even 2 HOURS, the oil excreted out was only a minimal amount!

Was amazed at the test, and had a try on how it feels on my face! It really is non greasy, and it lasts me for the whole night! (The event was held during dinner time)




Soooooo. TADDDDA! My 'after using ginvera' face! You can see the comparison from the picture at the top of my post, when I came with zero make up! I looked so pale! Now, I have a fresh, clean and most of all- BLACKHEAD FREE face! ^^

Thank You Ginvera! :)


28 July 2011

Majolica Majorca Chapter 31: Fake Sleeping @ Shiseido

Went to Mj's event: Fake Sleeping ytd! It was a super pleasant 2 hour long event, and I learnt lots of make up tips! ^^

Here's the endorser for this chapter, and guess how old is she??

SHE'S ONLY 13?!!!! Unbelievable right? This is what people say 'make up does wonders'

So we went down Shiseido's main office, and there is a mini dressing desk for each one of us!

Here's the overall look for the table. There's even snacks and water! Damn shiok.


Skin Lingerie Pore Cover. This, is damn good. It gives good coverage + not greasy at all!

Their logo.

The bird that casts the magic spell 'Majolica Majorca'!

Eleanor that accompanied me to the event. She's mad pretty! :)

The workshop speaker, aka shiseido's make up artist- Wilson!

Oh and they have a whole new liner product (pink n blue), of which I was wearing the blue coloured one on my eyes area. + lashes too!

Also, they have this new BLACK fibre mascara which is super easy to remove, and not only that, it enhances the lashes by three times!


After that event, I went over to Bedok to meet bf and Ivan.

And I ate happy meal! Here's my little toy from mcd- Pony! There's this stand that can act like a comb too.
Now all their toys are soooo hi-tech lo! Multi purpose!

PS: Don't forget to visit Majolica Majorca's fb page, and stand a chance to win their limited edition press kit! ^^


27 July 2011

Review: Cure

Helloha! I'm back again! :)

Look what I got in my mail again! The postman has been coming my house to deliver stuffs almost everyday! Mad happy, that this time I got a big one! See my parcel:

I've got so many stuffs! All for face! Masks, scrub, BB cream, sunblock, mosturiser! <3 Sample store!

So here's my review for Cure!

Guess many of you are damn familiar with this, as I'm not the first one complimenting it!

And so, here it is. A pump from the bottle:

And then you massage it on your face till it becomes like this!

But you have to be sure that you don't over do the rubbing. Just massage gently for 1 minute! Your face should not be red after the rub.



Not much difference, cause I took a pic right after the wash. It says on the instructions that 'you should be able to see changes on your face the next morning!'
So apparently I'm supposed to wait till tomorrow.


My skin feels tighten straightaway, just when I was washing the residue off! I think I should measure the before and after next time, to see if my skin has loss inches!
And then I'll post it on twitter, @ParamourVin

Super good, as my skin is smooth after using, and the smell isn't heavy! Just nice for me to sleep aftermath.

Go buy it! It can be found in Watsons, and all majorstores. Around $50+ if I'm not wrong, but it can definitely last you for around 4 months if you were to use properly! (1 pumps per usage)

PS: You may click on thesamplestore banner on the left to redeem the sample to try before buying! (I heard it's good to use on limbs to- since it removes dead skin!)


25 July 2011

Watched the news?

Fake vs Real

Fancy wearing contact lens? You can, but beware of the fake ones!

Here's a video on the news of Freshlook contact lens' fake contact lens.


there's a news report on Straits Times too!



Here's a picture that can teach you how to differentiate between the 'real', and the 'fake' ones!
It's a bit blurry, so please click on the pic to take a clearer look!

Hope you guys will not purchase the fake one, and if you do, please do contact Straits Times or Freshlook! ^^