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14 July 2011

Dear Redsnow users- iPhone, or Blackberry?

Saying that iPhone is all good? Comparing it with blackberry, and still think bb sucks cause it can't be jailbreaked for awesome functions?? You might wna give it another thought after reading this.

Note: If you're alone in your room with your lights off. I suggest you turn it on. Don't worry. No ghostly pictures. I promise ^^

And so, Ivan, Eugene, baby and I were at Arab street's seesha for the night. Everything was well. And the seesha was great. Delicious popcorn chicken tooo!


This notification pops up all of a sudden on Ivan's phone.

We got a shock of our lives, and Ivan reboot his iPhone as we continue to discuss about this matter.

It continued spamming. But we were ignoring.

And then the three of them were actually laughing at that idiot who created this hack and saying that it was all stupid, with all the corny pick up lines above.

Then this msg came in. Super scary, I swear. It's like as if the virus/app can hear us.

The worst part comes, Eugene got so fed up with this nonsense and then he just blew at the phone randomly.
We didn't get to snapshot that notification cause it was too scary, but what it said was:


We were stunned. How the hell did it know that his name was Eugene?? Even if the app, what-so-ever could hear us, how would it have guessed that it's Eugene who blew it? There were like 4 of us there.

& then we decided to remain silent...

Another shock we got from Ivan's phone. I swear we were all so freaked out that we actually have the intention to just leave the phone there and let someone else take it back home.

He actually knows Ivan's name tooooo???

It started to threaten us....

We discussed the issue, and thought that it was a fraud, and that it would have hacked into Ivan's talkbox. So baby asked "So, where are we now?"

He got it right! Gosh.


Baby was asking the phone "so, how should I rescue you out??"

It replied in CHINESE. Wth. It means- You're not Ivan

Eugene was so tired/afraid already by then, and he decided to go home. Btw, he drove here. But we did not mention anything about how he came here.


'He will get into an accident'

Ivan called Eugene, and thank God, he didn't get into any big accidents, just knocked the curb. But the thing is, Eugene didn't drink/speed, how the hell did the wheels of his car get onto the curb? *goosebumps*

The song that was playing at Seesha- Justin BEAVER's song. Wasn't a fan, thus idk the title of the song, but I guess you managed to get the lyrics. YES, it can hear us, definitely.


And we thought it was all. But Ivan was at ecp the other day, and this came.....

This happened like weeks ago, but the virus was still there. His phone did not jam/crash, but the notification has been bugging him since then.

THIS. IS THE RESULT OF JAILBREAKING. But so far, my friends that got virus/crashing app jailbreaked their phone using Red Snow. So MAYBE, someone hacked into Redsnow and access everything?


So why not, get an Blackberry? Since the benefits of an iPhone was voided. No offence, but I truly thinks that Blackberry is still better, always.

Longer life time, better in looks. Safer.

Comparison of Blackberry 9900 and Bold 2- 9780

Super cooooooool right????

AND THE BEST THING IS- You can make your berries' keypad rainbow! Can you do that with iPhone? No right? Conclusion, get an blackberry! ^^


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