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12 July 2011

Fancy some FOOOOOOOD?

Was in the mood to do some 'cooking'. Hmm not really cooking though. Just a bit of frying and tedious working-in-kitchen.

AND SO. Fried Ice Cream is what I was trying to make that day! Read a post from http://pxdkitty.blogspot.com, and thought- why not I make it tgt with baby too! ^^

First. You need to get your ingredients ready.

Serving size: 1-3 pax (8 fried ice creams)

  1. A loaf of white bread (any brands)- 500g
  2. A knife
  3. Cup (any type of cup)
  4. 2 plastic bags
  5. Roller pin
  6. 2 spoon/ 1 ice cream scooper
  7. A tub of ice cream of choice

First, use the rolling pin to roll FLAT the bread. Like the pic shown below. (I didn't take lots of pic cause baby wasn't willing to take for me and that if I were to still spend time taking pic, the ice cream will melt! :( )

Lay one piece of 'flatten bread'. Then scoop 1 scoop of ice cream using spoon/scooper onto the bread. (Place it in the middle)

After which, place another layer of bread on top of the ice cream. Then quickly use the cup to cover over the 'bread' and PRESS. Press in moderation- not too hard, else the ice cream will ooze out!

Use the knife to cut the bread along the circumference of the cup opening, and then there you have it:

Put it back into the freezer for 1 hour or so, to let the ice cream freeze.

Then the most exciting part comes, YOU CAN FRY IT ALREADY!

Mine was kinda fail, reason being me rushing time and geikiang to fry stuffs in the middle of the night at baby's house. With the wok and stuffs that I'm NOT familiar with. So I sort of screw up the whole thing. But if you would like to see the end result, you may view:
pxdkitty.blogspot.com! :)


Another thing. Was mad happy today, as I opened the letterbox, and I received several items! I was complaining that my blablabla wasn't delivered, this and that. But actually, I was the blur one that did not check the letterbox! I thought I checked actually. Guess I'm getting older already- poor memory *sobs*

Anyway, this was what I got-
Hello Kitty Masks from Taiwan by Rachell, New nEbO card, sample New Beloved one from TSS and a Flag tee Top!

Everyone had a day, especially exams are round the corner for most of us- Here's smth to perk you up!


Super cute right?? ^^


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