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13 July 2011

Kbox night ^^

Hey yo!

It was Don's 'last night', and thus baby and I planned a trip to watch Transformers 3 with my bro and junhui!

Super cool, we bought sushi in okay! I ate like a whole of 18 salmon sushi rolls. Was too dark in the cinema, and we're running late, so no photos! *heehee*
OH. And Skittles too! With credits from my bro. He bought it, but almost more than half of the entire bottle was finished up by baby and I.

If you think that's amazing, wait up.

My bro bought a bottle of green tea, THREE packets of diff flavour NATA de COCO, Almond Nuts, Sushi and Impact sweets in! It was like camping for him. Yeah. I have a super cool little brother! :)

Despite all the food that we bought in, we ate Mr Chicken Rice! You guys should go try it if you haven't. It's at Ehub (downtown east)

Hey! That's Don and baby!

Had McCafe after the movie, while bro and jh went home. Don, baby and I were intending to find a place to drink!! ^^

And then Don shared a few of the cute photos he looted from the internet. This is one of it- Kungfu Panda! (mini version)

We were discussing and stuffs, and then in the end, we went Kbox @ Cineleisure! Total bill of like $250 ++, and I forgot to credit the points into my card. Okay, fml.


TWISTER FRIES IS BACK!! Together with Chocolate melts. It was quite alright only, I still prefer Cinnamon Melts. But if you do like chocolate from Chocolate Sundae(the mcd one) with bread, then you would LOVVVVVE Chocolate Melts!

Sadly, it's not my cup of tea. Either way, if you guys had followed me on twitter- @ParamourVin, you would have gotten the deal! But don't worry, it's still not too late to follow. I still have $3 McCafe promo! ^^
*typical mcd girl*

And then this rdm picture of a little kid sitting INSIDE the trolley while his mom shopped in the market. Damn cute okay. At first it startled baby and I a little, to see a living thing in the trolley. But when the boy realised that someone was looking at him, immediately he shoved the potato chips he had on his hand and exclaimed: "NO. This is mine!" in chinese.

Like "bu yao! Shi wo de!"

Cute right?? ^^

And to end this post. With something of my favourite colour:
The Pink Sky! I didn't take it myself, but credits to Edmund. I saw on his twitter and I was like "OMG. WHY DIDN'T I SEE THAT JUST NOW" Fml.


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