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22 July 2011

Lips like this

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Hello! Look what I got in my mail yesterday!

Yes, new products launched from LipIce Sg!

They, tgt with the thesamplestore, are kind enough to send me items to do a review for them!

There are actually 3 different types, the Shimmer, Frangrance Free and Strawberry!

They mailed me the Shimmer and Strawberry, which I can say is much loved! ^^

Super happy, cause I had found a way to resolve my 'cracking lips' issue already.

Actually wanted to snap a before pic and slot it somewhere around here, but it might just gross you people out. My lips are damn dry!

So after much consideration, I decided not too.

Even the design of it is so cool! It's this metallic looking casing that makes it looks like a lipstick, like those super branded kind! Now you can look super classy at below $10! ^^

OH, and all three lipbalms are made with Natural Beeswax okay! *natural*

Shimmer on the left, and then strawberry on the right!

Started off with the Strawberry one, and I fell in love with the smell! It's sweet, with a touch of strawberry. *sniffs*

And then I started applying......

Both balms looks like they do not have colours, but in fact, it actually can 'adjust its colour' automatically to a suitable sheer of pink! Super cool right??


See for yourself!~

Now my lips look pinky, and no more cracked lips! *waves byebye*
I'm mad happy, and satisfied with this lip balm! ^^


LipIce is sooooo generous, that they are having a contest! SImply just like their fb page: Lipice (sg)

And then submit your photo!

Like them here:

Vote for me too! ^^

The Beautiful Lips walk away with..... *dang dang dang dang*

A MP3 worth $259!!
Prize Description:
Remaining 17 participants win $30 worth of Lipbalms

In addition, you can vote for three entries per day- not the usual 'vote once and that's it' contest! Even people without many friends too now, can join! All you have to do is to hog on your comp everyday, and chances are, you would win! ^^

Why Wait? Go join now!

PS: I'm joining tooooo~