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28 July 2011

Majolica Majorca Chapter 31: Fake Sleeping @ Shiseido

Went to Mj's event: Fake Sleeping ytd! It was a super pleasant 2 hour long event, and I learnt lots of make up tips! ^^

Here's the endorser for this chapter, and guess how old is she??

SHE'S ONLY 13?!!!! Unbelievable right? This is what people say 'make up does wonders'

So we went down Shiseido's main office, and there is a mini dressing desk for each one of us!

Here's the overall look for the table. There's even snacks and water! Damn shiok.


Skin Lingerie Pore Cover. This, is damn good. It gives good coverage + not greasy at all!

Their logo.

The bird that casts the magic spell 'Majolica Majorca'!

Eleanor that accompanied me to the event. She's mad pretty! :)

The workshop speaker, aka shiseido's make up artist- Wilson!

Oh and they have a whole new liner product (pink n blue), of which I was wearing the blue coloured one on my eyes area. + lashes too!

Also, they have this new BLACK fibre mascara which is super easy to remove, and not only that, it enhances the lashes by three times!


After that event, I went over to Bedok to meet bf and Ivan.

And I ate happy meal! Here's my little toy from mcd- Pony! There's this stand that can act like a comb too.
Now all their toys are soooo hi-tech lo! Multi purpose!

PS: Don't forget to visit Majolica Majorca's fb page, and stand a chance to win their limited edition press kit! ^^