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03 July 2011

School reopens, new stuffs!

Heyo! Just a random post, to keep you guys roaming around in my blog first. Will be blogging very soon, maybe later or on Monday. With a hair tutorial video, esplanade video, Bio-essence v face review, shiseido review, and maybelline products' review! + various blogshops' advertorial.


Ya, super many. Hectic schedule, boring lifestyle of a school girl. Thankfully, I have wonderful friends that actually are willing to stand by my side, through times like this. <3! Studied for exams, paid for phone bills. I enjoy life right now, and to complete everything, I do hope that I can get a job! Wellwell. Hard to find a job that has little working hours, and pays well. :(

So yup, a few pictures, with my newly bought pink clutch, vintage bracelet and tube dress! ^^




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