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01 July 2011

Shop, shop, shop!

Hello people! I was kinda busy shopping previously during the month of June, and I kinda lost track of my school work, and I decided to spend the following time concentrating on my studies, and to maintain this blog! (Cause I do have a habit of not blogging whenever I'm tired/braindead)

^^ But. I am glad to announce, that GSS is still not over yet! So here's one blogshop that I would recommend. They are the one and only Unique Black Lips blogshop in SG, with sale items as low as $16!!


Furthermore, they are having a GSS Promotion of 1 FOR 1! But you have to be quick, it ends on 7 July. Free giveaway in twitter- you only have to follow them and retweet their tweets! Just by clicking here
#TBSgiveaway4 is now on, and you stand a chance to win a free item from TBS! In addition, runner-ups win vouchers from them! They have already given 13 TBSCASHVOUCHERS for our #TBSgiveaway3 winners leh! So why hesitate? Go shop now! ^^

You can mix and match any 2 apparels from TBS at the 1 FOR 1 DEAL price found in BLUE!

Button-up top

Nude Bohemian Back-Button romper

Black Puffy Top


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