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15 July 2011

TBS Collection 8


Was kinda late for this advertorial, but if you guys are fans of theblacksecret in fb, or followers of them in twitter, you should know that they had have launched this collection weeks ago!

So yup, I will keep my picks for Collection 8 for the finale, as I have this exciting news to share!

TBS is organising a Snap and Win Contest, from 16 july- 16 August!!



1st PRIZE- Most likes (Worth $120):
  • Iphone casing (Cath Kidston flora design)
  • The Black Secret tote bag
  • Burnt orange belt
  • Acid washed shorts

2nd runner-up and 3rd runner-up (worth $15):
  • The Black Secret Tote Bag


Here's the instructions made by the owners, in a nice image! I like it this way, as it is easier to comprehend! ^^

Also, the model is kind enough to create a sample piece for friends that are unsure! ^^

I suggest you should snap a pic now, and go decorate it with your 'I LOVE TBS' quote and BLACK Lips! Goodluck people.'

Remember to email: Theblacksecret@live.com to submit your entries for approval!

You may tell me if your pic is already posted up there, I will definitely go help you like it! :)



Note: ALL items are BELOW $20! Yes, your eyes are fine, it's below $20!!!!!!!!

So here are some of my picks:

Besides clothes, they are selling Rings too!!

All at $12 each. ^^

And with ANY purchase, you can get this TBS Tote Bag above for $10 ONLYYYY!!!

Visit their shop at: http://theblacksecret.livejournal.com/

OR. Follow them on twitter @ http://twitter.com/#!/theblacksecret
They are constantly having GIVEAWAYS, so you could try your luck, retweet their tweets, and who knows, you might be the next winner!!!

Quote 'ivyxoxo' to receive a FURTHER 10% discount upon checkout!


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