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23 August 2011

1 Year, 2 Months and still counting!

Hello everybody!

I am too bored, so let me blog a short post + a little sneak preview of all the updates I would have for the month of September!

First of all, I would like to share that I went Buddy Hoagies to celebrate our anni this month!




His Iced Tea and my hot tea.


Random photo while waiting for our food.


Hehe, too addictive liao.


Our mushroom soup and garlic bread!


My Dory Fish- Super yums okay! Just that the sides abit yucks.


Baby's Cajun Chicken.

Didn't do much that day. Or I should say, I was too lazy to take photos that day. Was not in good mood then, so ya.

Well. I'm really unhappy now.

Okay, I know you don't see the point of me telling you. But. I just want to say a few words of advice.

Don't, ever, ever let a man know how much you love/need him. Really. They would just step all over your head, and play around with your trust and their promises.

So for the month of September,

  • A few advertorials on various blogshops- of which one is selling iphone/bb accessories!
  • Post about 1 new place for prawning
  • 2 new place for jelly cakes and mini cupcakes

That's about it, but for now, you can go spend your time in a bid for the cheapest deals in town!
People are getting stuffs at 99% off! All you have to do is camp at your comp, and bid to win!