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10 August 2011

Cars 2- Spy name!

Cars 2 was originated from cartoon, and it first started casting on Disney Channel. I have had watched it several times when I was young! It's about a 'car of friends' and their lifestyles, having said that, they are special cars that can talk! It's a bit similar to Thomas and friends(the talking train)!

You can watch the trailer below. It's a heartwarming movie! I so want to catch it lo :(

Also, the instructions said that I have to create my own personal Spy name!

Well, that would be, Ms short.

Why is that so?
Cause firstly, I'm a short girl, and I have sooo many friends that call me 'shortie'. Hence, also part of the reason why my blog url stated 'hothotshortie'!

For the 'Ms', it's definitely cause I'm a women, that's not married yet!
Okay, not so creative, but still. It's a spy name AKA nickname what! ^^

Here goes, presenting.....


Catch Cars 2 movie starting from 25th August 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook and Twitter page!


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