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08 August 2011

Dragon Nest SEA!

Hello! Went to Bugis on Friday.

And was surprised to see this booth!

It's the TGX 11 aka The Games Xpo 2011.

And in the booth, a game was featured- Dragon Nest SEA!

Some of you people would be familiar with this game, as there was a Closed Beta going on previously!

For those that are unsure what I'm talking about, let the pictures talk.


The gaming sample for people to try out using Alienware's comp.


The banner that states the date of their fair at Expo! 11 Sept- 30 Sept. All the games would be there too!


And every sign up you make per person would entitle you to have 3 tries with this machine!

Baby and I signed up, and we have 6 tries! Luckily, we caught it by the 6th try!


The game. It looks a bit like Dragonica, if you were to ask me. But this game is much cooler! - They have PVP, MMO actions and infinite combos!


A photo of myself together with the monster we caught from the booth. Damn cute!


One of the jobs that's available.


Tadda!! ^^


Another pic of the game itself.


The 'catcher', and the toy! <3 my boy!

Tempted to play? You can watch the trailer first, then decide! But I'm sure you would want to get an account.


Also, free poster with every sign up! We went opp the place where the booth is to have a drink, and then started to camwhore!


Hehe. Funny faces. *no more pose to use*

After watching the trailer, if you would like more info on the game, you can check it online, at http://dn.cherrycredits.com/

Or head down to their booth!
Bugis Junction – 5-9 August 2011
North Point Indoor Atrium – 12-14 August 2011
Orchard Central Indoor Atrium – 20-22 August 2011
City Square Mall Indoor Atrium – 26-28 August 2011


On the same day, I went to Churpchurp's company too!

Won a plushie from the company through the 'caption leaving' contest!

Mad happy okay, but I didn't take any pics for the whole afternoon that I went there. The weather is too hot! I was burnt from that 15-20 min stay there. :(


Look at the birdie! It looks small on their web, but in real life, it's even bigger than my head! ^^



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