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05 August 2011

Jailbreak: Redsnow (advised)

Hello people! It had been raining these few days! Rain= cool weather.

So, now as all the Chinese should know, now is the 7th month. So in order to let all the iPhone jailbreak users to rest their mind, just in case you guys are still dwelling on the 'mysterious iphone message' that I blogged about last month!

Don't understand what I'm talking about? You should read my blog more often! Either way, here's the link to the post: http://www.hothotshortie.com/2011/07/dear-redsnow-users-iphone-or-blackberry.html

After blogging about that incident, many people had also been commenting/telling me that they have had similar encounters before.


Not all are jailbreaked iPhones! So I was actually wondering if it was a virus sent from Apple previously.

Until, Elaine, whom I met few days ago, that clarified my doubts.

She and her boyfriend, are both iPhone users. And coincidentally, they both also got identical messages!


Elaine got this,

While her bf got this message.


Yes.. But if you were to think about it, not so real leh!

She found out later from her friend that this message was sent by her friend. Yes. It's an app that you can actually DOWNLOAD to prank people.

That person that came up with this app, srsly, deserve some scoldings/beating. Also, not forgetting the sender.

So now that the matter had been clarified, you guys can actually jailbreak your phones at ease! No need to be scared to use phone during this month at night! ^^

Thank you Elaine, for providing the pictures!

Ps: I'm opening a blogshop soon! I'll keep you updated through my fb/twitter! Keep a lookout ah! :)


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