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23 September 2011

Mcdwin's secret revealed!

Are you guys ready for the surprise?

Mcd has made an effort to have an event in Town last week, with a special Bus of their own, and even a web page!


Now, the curtains unleashed!


The Monopoly game!

Remember this? I bet all Singaporeans will know this, cause this is the 3rd time(so far as I can remember) they are having this game event!


All you have to do is collect the stamps, and paste them on the Gameboard!

Download game board here! http://mcdwin.com/files/Gameboard.pdf


Prizes include:
1x $80000 Cash by Visa
1x Volkswagen Touran
1x Dynasty Travel Holiday to Prague
1x Coca cola holiday to Atlanta
25x Macbook Air By Nestle
45x Flowriding by Wavehouse
150x $200 Denizen Vouchers
200x Movie Cards by We Cinemas
And many more Instant win prizes!


They even have a 'hall of fame' for people that won!
So good right? Win prizes + get your face displayed in public! All that fame and $$ :)

Always wondered why the mcd staffs gives 2 stamps, sometimes none, and even 4?!
Here's why: http://mcdwin.com/files/GameRules.pdf

So hurry, get down to your nearest Mcd to purchase meals, and win prizes!

*prays that I will win the Macbook Air* *hints*