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10 September 2011

What is THIS?

Hello people! I'm gonna share a new product that I have been sponsored to with you guys!

Many of you have seen the 'what is this' Teaser, be it on TV, twitter or blogs.

Now, the secret shall be revealed!



Introducing... The new Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash!


This is how it looks like :) It may be small, but one bottle can provide you with 150 pumps!
And for each wash, you would only need 1 pump! If you wash your face twice a day, this bottle will be enough to supply you for 75days! This is a lot okay. Two months +.

Very hua suan for $13.90! (They even have a refill pack @ $10.90 too) *gasps*


Mad happy when I got this, so I camwhored with it.



This packaging is damn good! It has a clip there to prevent you from pressing it accidentally!


This is the best part- You just press the pump, and the foam oozes out! You don't have to rub, use sponge, or even calculate/estimate how big a pea size of wash you need! Just ONE pump is enough, with this quantity!


It's super fluffy, doesn't drip or move when u tilt it another way round!
This is why, I think, it's called the MARSHMALLOW WHIP!


See the pic I screenshot from their page. It says Collagen + Ultra fine foam!


The foam is really fine, proven. You can see. I used two fingers to move it, and you can see the tiny air bubbles in the foam! This shows that the foam has a good texture, is dense and is gentle for your face too!


Look at Brand N! The bubbles formed are so big that it acts super roughly on skin, and therefore stressing it.


Tugging your face too hard with cotton wools or rubbing hardly, may cause stress to your skin. Therefore, stress = wrinkles.
Which means, the most important and crucial part of our daily skincare regime is the cleansing!
Biore has the exact kind of skin regime we need- this Wash that looks like a melted Marshmallow!
The super fine foam is dense and won't add on too much force to your skin.
Foam cleans better with finer bubbles, and it cushions the cleansing stress from hand on face!

So after inspecting and confirming that this wash is definitely than my currently Brand N foam wash, I decided to try it on!

Just one pump, and gently massage on my face!


And tadaaa! Just like that, and wash it off!

After massaging the foam on my face. I feel so refreshed!
It smells good, and it's not rough on the skin either.

You can buy them from major supermarkets and medical stores!

Not only are the products from Biore good, the company itself is also very generous!


You get to play this game, and you stand to win a $300 H&M Voucher! There will also be 10 $80 worth of Kao Vouchers!
Hear that? Kao and H&M Vouchers!

All you have to do is just spot the 4 items as shown above, and click it!


Afterwhich, you will be directed to answer questions regarding the product. Just answer it correctly, as fast as possible!


Here's my score. A lousy score, but so far my highest. Okay okay, I know I suck, but the games are kind of challenging for me!

So if you think the same way as I do after trying a round of the game, why not invite your friends to play on fb? Every referral will earn you extra points!

Play now! :


Remember, for Baby Smooth skin like the Japs- Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash!

MUAHAHA. Now I can have smooth and nice skin liaoooooo. *grins*