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03 October 2011

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

September and October are months full of new borns.

So many birthdays all around!

Bf and I went kbox, together with two new friends, to celebrate Jeremy's birthday!

It was kind of fun, to sing at Kbox, just that the service kinda get a bit slow nowadays. But it's okay, cause the tibits and Honeylemon are AWESOME!

I lost my voice that day, (if you follow me on twitter- https://twitter.com/#!/ParamourVin, you would know) and I couldn't sing at all. It was bad to the extend that I can't even sing songs by male singers. When I stretch the pitching a bit higher, my voice wasn't heard.

Ah well.... I give up.
I sound like a man these few days, so try to avoid calling me, just in case you get the shock of your life. :)


Random tweets that I found on my phone, worth showing to you people!
See, baby's so sweet! ^^


There's the birthday boy! Holding on to the birthday voucher Kbox gave him.
Poor guy has to work!


We bought sushi and ham in to snack on!
Having that, Jeremy actually forgot to bring us the real snacks.


I didn't take photos that day, cause I wasn't really in a good mood.
You know how it feels, when you love singing so much, and yet you enter a suite, with mics and sound systems in front of you, you just have to sit there and revise on Chemistry???

So, no pictures :(


The worst thing, baby and I have been craving for PH. Like yes, we are forever craving for that. And then this happened:

The admin from St James even @mention me, asking me to goooooooo!
*argh angry*



But nevermind, I know I will be able to go one day, together with bf and my lovely friends! ^^