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30 November 2011

Beyond Beauty with Peggy!

Hello people!

Recently, I went to an event, organised by Peggy Heng(yes the famous blogger) and Beyond Beauty!

It was more of like a 'meet and greet session', and unfortunately, it was raining heavily that day! But the good thing was that I could have Peggy talking to me the whole while! Tgt with her bf and friends that is.

There were food and drinks served. But most of the time, we camwhored! Talked about many stuffs. AND I'M MAD HAPPY TO MEET HER IN PERSON! She's nice and awesome! ^^

(A mixture of pics taken from my camera, and Peggy's pro cam)
Obviously the lousier quality ones are from my cam, the better ones are from her!


The young lady.. That was.... Erm. Okay I forgot her age, but she's younger than 20 yo! :D


All prep up for xmas!


Peggy with one of her readers.

And then our camwhore shall begin!! ^^


She's mad tall. She claims that it's her heels. See, so humble!


The group photo of the people that was left! (I came late. :( )





Pictures credit from: Peggy

On top of the food and drinks that was served, we were given a $100 treatment voucher!


Join Beyond Beauty's giveaway and be the top 100 to win a $180 spa voucher~ Totally free, w/o any terms and condition! :D

Enjoyed my day there, despite the weather. <3 Peggy!

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