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30 November 2011

Christmas wishlist + Giveaway!

Hey people!

X'mas is round the corner! Planned what you would like to achieve or ask from Mr Santa already??

Here's mine! :D

  1. To paint my house PINK
  2. Buy a Burberry bag (just one will do!)
  3. Get a gold ring
  4. A macbook air
  5. New makeup cupboard
  6. New wardrobe
  7. Nikon J1 Pink

Okay there's so much more, and I will update  it along the way. Some of the xmas wishes are getting harder to be fulfilled as xmas gets nearer.

But now here's a chance for you to get a xmas gift from me! :D

I woke up to 10 maybelline's goodie bags!
They were so kind to sponsor me these items for my Xmas giveaway~


The 10 goodie bags


Each goodiebag is worth $50++!!


Bag includes:

  • Maybelline's Hello Kitty x Volume Marscara
  • Maybelline's Hyper Diamonds Eyeshadow
  • Maybelline's Colour Sensational Lipstick

How to win: Follow @ParamourVin on twitter and comment on this post here stating why I should pick you as the winner, together with you name, email and twitter handle!

There will be a total of 10 winners! :D

Contest ends 23 November, 8pm

I did a sample for you:


Ivy Lim said...

I want to win cause I love Maybelline! :D

Name: Ivy Lim
Email: hothotshortie@live.com.sg


Cassandra said...

Hi ivy I would like to win that Maybelline goodie bags from you! I'm using maybelline product currently too and i want win!! Choose me choose me! I'm Cassandra, email: cassanx3@live.com ! Twitter @Cassandragohszz !

Elyssa said...

I've been an avid user of Maybelline products for years now and not only because they are pretty affordable, these products also deliver what they promise! And I'm in love with their with all those items listed in the goodie bag. Hope I'll win!!!!! :>

Name: Elyssa
Email: elliessa@live.com
Twitter: elyssaelly


@ParamourVin i want 2 win bcuz HELLO KITTY IS THE CUTEST THING ON EARTH & having a hello kitty mascara would make you cute like hello kitty

Name: Sherlyn Teo
Email: sherlyn-teo@hotmail.com
Twitter: hisherlyn

*~*~*~*~*~*~ PICK ME!!!!!! :D ~*~*~*~*~*~*

Anonymous said...

You do not need to use thousand words to describe Maybelline because Maybelline is one of the best makeup product that every girl should have. It's Christmas this month so dear Santarina, please give me a Maybelline bag this christmas.

Xoxo, a girl who loves Maybelline!

Name: Samantha Tan
Email: samanthajuliet@live.com
Twitter: samantha_juliet

Rosaline. :) said...

I would like to win the maybelline products & please give me a chance to win it. this is the first time i'm participating a giveaway, and i'm kind of a big fan of you yea. You're awesome!!! :) And the items seems wonderful! :) I hope i would win yea. xo. @SPELLTHEMAGICZ (Twitter) email: rosalinelim@hotmail.com.


= y3e.s3ng_d3bBie dR3am w0Rld = said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Winddyy said...

i want to win cux i like Maybelline. Maybe? because it's Maybelline! so choose me~

Name: Winddyy
email: dolphin_snow_@hotmail.com
Twitter: @winddyy

Sarah Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Lee said...

Hey I have been reading your blog on Cleo website! Anyway, I saw a lot of blogger reviewing the hyper diamond shadow and I would really love to win one for my Christmas this year. In addition, I have been eyeing for that Hello Kitty Mascara! Unfortunately, it's a little bit pricey for me.

Name : Sarah
Email : Miss_Sarah_Lee@ymail.com


VTSM said...

Would like to win this product! Went watson's and saw this product, decide to finish my current mascara before trying the kitty volume mascara.. Have been visiting your blog for new post and am really excited when i saw your blog post about the maybelline's giveaway! Choose me!!!! =)

Name: Vanessa Toh
Email: Vanessakitz@live.com
Twitter: VanessaKitz

Kimberly said...

I want to win because I've not tried Maybelline before! And, I LOVE HELLO KITTY so it's definitely so awesome to own a HELLO KITTY MASCARA OMG! Yay for longer eyelashes and a boost in my confidence! ^^

Name: Kimberly Koh
Email: kohkimberly@hotmail.com


Yuenyung said...

Hi sweet , I want to win because I love Maybelline's brand! I love their new lipstick color :) I've also get their products everytime . I hope to win .

Name: Yuenyung
Email: yuenyungwong@hotmail.com
Twitter: @kidsofdoom

Jann said...

I want to win! I like Maybelline's mascara(s). They are so good! I love HELLO KITTY. Main reason: I want to be a xiao mei nv.

Name: Jann
Email: janinejann@gmail.com


Nathalie lee said...

I would like to win because I've never used maybelline products before and always wanted to try it but no money! Haha.

Name : Nathalie lee
Email : l_eeboxuan@hotmail.com

Twitter handle : @leeboxuan

Serene! said...

I want to win because I love Maybelline and Hello Kitty! But most of all, I am a fanatic for eye-makeup
and the mascara and eye-shadow will make me one very, very happr girl (and my boyfriend too hahaa)!

Name: Serene L
Email: insanegypsy@gmail.com


BoRNiiLOVE SPReeS said...

Hi Ivy, thanks for the giveaway!

Love your blog and want Maybelline for my X'mas makeup!

Email: borniilovetoo at yahoo dot com

Ivy Lim said...


You need to comment with your twitter handle in order to be entitled to the draw!

Sharon said...

Hi Ivy, I want t win th goodie bag coz make ups can never be enough for a girl!

Name: Sharon
Email: Sharo-nnn@live.com
Twitter: @SharonChih

Anonymous said...

hey, you should change your bog width & the size of your pictures & your font.. it's hard to see. ><

Ivy Lim said...

@anony, May I know the web browser you are using? And thanks for the feedback!

Eileen said...

Hi! I would like to win because I have been interested in a few of maybelline's cosmetics for a long time already and I have been reading your blog in Cleo's website for a long time! I hope I can sincerely win this as I have been your reader for quite a long time and would love to try out those products listed! Hope you (my awesome blogger) can make my christmas wish come true haha!
Sounds corny but this is what I feel!

Email: eileen_cancer-96@hotmail.blogspot.com
Twitter: @EileenMakMeiXin

Rena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
` stephanieyeo] said...

I really want to win cause I love Maybelline as well as HELLO KITTY! <3

Name: Stephanie Yeo
Email: stephanieyeo@hotmail.com
Twitter: @stfyxy



Love your blog & I hope I can win cos, I LOVE MAYBELLINE!! <3

Name: Gwendolyn Ong
Email: gwdolyn@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

I would like to win the goodie bag as firstly I love hello kitty!!!!!!!!! I have also been eyeing the hello kitty mascara for quite some time but havent gone around to really purchasing it as I don't really buy make up as they are too pricy. I can only afford the normal lousy type of make up haha. I wish I could win the goodie bag, it'll be the perfect advanced christmas present ^_^ Thank you for organizing this giveaway!!

Name : zoe
Email : kaori@hotmail.sg
twitter : keirosu (ps, i made a twitter account just to join your giveaway XD)

Anonymous said...

I would like to win maybelline hello kitty limited edition mascara. It is unique and rare. I hope that I can win this and make my this coming christmas a special and different one.

Name : Sharon
Email : peiwen89@msn.com
Twitter : peiwen89

Anonymous said...

I would like to win the Maybelline goodie bag because Maybelline had always been my favourite brand of make-up and I really love the Hello Kitty mascara <3<3
I hope i will win. ^^

Name: Wanxin
Email: bunny2town@gmail.com

XT Koh said...

I want to win because I really need a new mascara and I wanna try the super cute hello kitty mascara, and the eyeshadow and lipstick!

Name: Xt Koh
Email: kohxt89@gmail.com

twitter: @kxt_jan89

RynaQUE said...

Hi dear, I would like to win cus I really need a new mascara!! Haha I haven't got the time/energy to go shopping since I started working. Also, the one that you have is Hello Kitty one leh! So cute!! Hehe I hope I win!!


Hanna said...

Everyone kept talking about how much they love Maybelline, well who doesn't? It's my birthday and for once, I would love to celebrate Christmas with my friends and their family who every year, will invite me but I always have to reject them cause every year, I'll be overseas with my family at malaysia, celebrating my birthday in the jungle! Hard having a sporty family.. Just for once, I would love to feel like a girl, feel pampered this festive holiday, during my birthday month, at my own home, with my own friends. & I would love to go home and be rewarded with beauty products, especially from Maybelline!


Christina. said...

hellooooo! i want to win because who doesn't love make up? personally, i think that make up is a woman's best friend and every girl needs to have their own stash of make up. and Maybelline has always been my favorite brand! so really hope to win the gift bag(: thanks!


Chloe Lim said...

Hi Ivy!! I would love to win because I truly love Maybelline! Their makeup are of high quality and it's affordable for girls like us who wants to put on makeup but can't afford really expensive makeup! I like how their products are all of good standard. Hope I win! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Name: Chloe Lim
Email: xiaomao97@hotmail.com

natassja said...

i want to win cos Maybelline is the best drugstore brand around. i love their lipsticks, concelors, eyeshadows and they hv the best mascara!

Name: natassja
email: natassjaz@hotmail.com
Twitter: @natajzamanik

Cynthia said...

Hi Ivy!
I would like to win the Maybelline products as I've always love their brand! Also, I've been a very big fan of Hello Kitty!!! It's like 2 in 1 for me cos' it's both my favourite brand and my favourite cartoon character!
I hope i could win this! Thank you for having this giveaway! ^~^

Name: Cynthia
Email: cynthiakicksass@hotmail.com
Twitter: thatlastrose

God bless! <3

SHiJiAx. said...

Hi ivy! I love maybelline products but i couldn't afford to buy it so i hope i can win this giveaway! :D
Name: ShiJia
Email: shijia_xiaoo@hotmail.com
Twitter: @SHIJIAJIAx

♥Sarah♥ said...

Hello! I would love to win as i love Maybelline products (their falsies mascara is one of the best i tried) and all the products featured here i have never tried before. Thanks for having such a fabulous giveaway ^^

Name: Sarah
Email: friends_forever_1155@hotmail.com
Twitter: sarahluv_wolfie

Madeline said...

Hi Ivy!
I really hope to win the Maybelline products as my favourite brand has always been that! I love all the products inside the goodie bag too!! Hope you'd choose me! Thanks for having this giveaway ^^

Name: Madeline Tseng
Email: madeline_tseng98@hotmail.com


Faith Lai said...

I want to win because i want to share the goodness of Maybelline to people around me by first using more of their products :)

Name : Faith Lai
Email: faith_lai@live.com