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09 November 2011

Random babyboy & girl + life!

Hello people!

I'm like in the midst of my O's, and I can't help but to stick to social network everyday. I tweet like almost every hour. HOW!??!

Super glad that there's only TWO more papers left for me, on the 10th and 14th!

What colour should I dye my hair to?!?!?!? Hehe, *jumps around happily*

Just a random post about my life, before the real spam comes up.
I have hell lots of pictures that's in my Draft! So do look forward to it kk?

And so.... Just to share with you, I have been playing Dragon Nest quite frequently. Also abit of Dota. Quite fun! Kills time too.

So here's the skills for my job. Abit lame. :)

Photobucket Photobucket

And then this new game on iPhone! Brizzle Bird. SUPER DUBER ADDICTIVE. My high score is this- 35. :(


This siblings that's living a storey below bf. Super cute okay! They would follow me up the stairs and say 'jie jie, where you going?'

And when I said I'm going to look for korkor, they were like 'which korkor?' *innocent face*

HAHAHA. So cute right!


Hmm shall end this post here, and continue studying for Chinese! Meanwhile, follow my twitter for real time updates, and support my CLEO blog to help me win!! ^^