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12 December 2011

Cab fare- lastest news

Okay hello people! As you know, the revised cab fare starts today.

I went to sit a cab too, at around 11pm. It was still peak period at 25%, and my usual metre of $5.60 became $7.29.

YES, 29 cents.

That's not the worst yet.. Normally when you buy stuffs, they would round down the amount, just so that they won't charge the additional few cents.
But as for this revised cab fare, they round up, and thus my final metre fare was actually $7.30.

And so, the story is..

The starting fare for cabs is $3.20. But if you were to take a cab during their 'peak hour', it would be $3.20 + $0.80 = $4. YES. STARTING METRE FARE.

And then for every 400m for the first 10km, you are charged $0.22. After which, it would be $0.22 for every 350m.

Waiting time (traffic jam, red lights)- $0.22 for every 45sec.

And then if you go pass the ERP gantry, you will be charged another $1.

*this applies not only on weekdays (like before), but EVERYDAY

So people, do think about it. Would you still want to take a cab?!?!?!

SMRT is also increasing their prices next week

PS: More details here: http://www.hothotshortie.com/2011/12/comfortdelgro-taxi-fare-revised.html

CLEO Blog: http://www.askcleo.com/index.php?option=com_idoblog&task=userblog&userid=92612&Itemid=61


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