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16 December 2011

Hauls: LUSH, Praise, Daiso

Hello people!

As you guys know. (That is if you followed me on twitter) I have been working! Hehe.

But working at Town also means- shopping after work.

I knocked off at around 6pm every weekday, and thus I have been walking around almost everywhere in Town everyday!

Here's the hauls recently..

30% off, which is $49.50 for 2 pcs of green tag items! (Don't worry, most of the nice tees are on green tags!)


This is their so called 'gift wrapping'

The two tees I bought for bf!



And then I went daiso to buy some working stuffs.......


$2 socks :D


Soap cover for my LUSH Scrub.

I went to LUSH! And fell madly in love with their products. You will see why later. OMG. As I'm typing, I could smell the shop *drama*


80 pcs of wet tissue. Cause somehow, I realised that the watson's wet tissue in a bundle is insufficient for me. Okay, very auntie, I know. :X

LUSH has a physical shop is SG now!

Mad happy okay. And I would walk pass it everyday. Before I go to work, lunch break, and even after I knock off from work!

So here are some of the stuffs I bought from them.



Their cute paper bag!

Super eco-friendly okay. They didn't used plastic, and also, they even stated the importance of recycling! :D


My skin are dry, so I bought the Aqua mirabius body butter! It has exfoliating & mosturising effect!

I tried it a few times on my body, and it smells awesome!

It also contributes a layer of 'oil' on the surface of my skin, and I need not apply lotion after bathing anymore! ^^


That was also the reason why I need to buy a soap cover from Daiso. It cannot be wet, cause it's a scrub!


Lips Scrub.
I bought the one that has Peppermint Chocolate, and I'm sad to say that they are sold out!

No worries, you can always go to their facebook page and check it out :D
They will update their wall once they stock up an item
FB: https://www.facebook.com/LushSingapore

Items from LUSH that I am sooooo, soooo tempted to buy *hints for xmas present*

Ocean salt facial scrub
Mask of magnaminty
Cupcake- chocolate heaven

The friendly sales girl actually let me tested on most of the items.

Will review on it soon, and let you guys know which are the best products to buy!

But so far, I swear by Aqua mirabius body butter!!!

CLEO: http://www.askcleo.com/index.php?option=com_idoblog&task=userblog&userid=92612&Itemid=61



Anonymous said...

how much are the items u bought from lush?

Ivy Lim said...

Hi Anony,

I couldn't really remember, but the soap was around $19, and the lip scrub was around $17 +. So I guess < $40? Hmm sorry I threw the receipt already! :D:D