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02 December 2011

New hair :D

Hey hello people!! As you can see from my previous posts, I got my hair dyed!! :D

Done it at Hair Secrets!

The process was painful, but not as pain as bleaching..

So here's my hair before:


Tom, my hairstylist was super cute.

He went "eh come, must take before and after pic one. I take for you. Turn, turn, turn"


*snap snap snap*


And tadaaaa! Here's my hair after! Okay I didn't perm my hair, and I know it looks weird here. Pardon the toilet as bg, I couldn't find any better place. :x


Found it hard to accept at first, but after that, it was superb! Love the colour alot!

You may visit: https://www.facebook.com/The.Hair.Secrets

Or walk in and look for Tom!

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