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31 December 2011

The very last post of 2011

Hello everyone! The whole year of 2011 went past us in the blink of an eye. Leaving behind with us all the good memories, and also the bad ones..

In 2012, I want things to be better, and I hope it would be for all of us. The single ones to find their other half, the attached ones to be happier and cherish their bf/gf more!

My new year resolution would be:

• To maintain my weight
• Learn to be strong
• Work hard in poly (hopefully if I manage to get in)
• Be more focused on what I want to do
• Treat my family better
• Sleep earlier at night
• Earn more $
• Read more
• Hit more readers for my blog

I met alot of new friends, contacted back some old ones. But all I learnt and realized was, they will always be there. Some.

Thank you friends, for being with me, at the worst point of my life.

So I hope that we would all remember to put a smile on our faces, stop frowning, be kinder to everybody else, and show more love!!!

*waves* *throw punches in the air*

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