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25 December 2011

X'mas rant from the sick girl

It was pretty much of a bad x'mas eve. Like the worst one I've ever had.

First, I brought a bag w/o a proper zip to town, knowing that I will get sprayed. Then, I wore heels that are near to breaking apart. X'mas hat that I bought are too small for my head.

It rained after that. I got left behind by the group, tgt with chanel, and we got thoroughly wet in the rain, and drenched with snow sprays. Lost spray out of nowhere. And then headache because my fever came back. I'm now having a fever of like 39.0 degree celcius. Left town with 3 of the guys, (bf included) and then one of our friends lost his wallet. Looker's at geylang only allow one person from each group to be w/o ic, and he has no ic now, so it's left with me w/o again.

So. The 2nd time in the month where I got bounced out. Freaking nice, never had been bounced out by clubs/bar/disco in my whole damn life. Then just now, I have to cab back from geylang, alone. Yes. In a stupid comfort (not comfy at all) cab, with all the increase in charge and all, ALONE.

So I'm a sick girl now, alone at home without anyone's company on a x'mas night.

Then while I was bathing, my dad actually off the lights, cause he thought no one was home. Like. I went home, and I said hi to him, but he didn't see me? :(

I want to do a x'mas video.. But I guess, it can only be done tmr....

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