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16 January 2012

Birthday wislist

Hello people!!

As the title suggest, it's gonna be my birthday soon! (3rd Feb- write it down somewhere, NOW!!)
Haha I shall skip the CNY part, cause frankly speaking, the only thing I'm anticipating about CNY is just the gambling and getting to wear new clothes part.
Yes. Cause me no angbao take from family members. Cause me no happy that my mom no happy.

If you read my blog, you would know. (hehe hurry hit 'older posts'!!)

And so..... The only thing left is my birthday, of which I'm still in the midst of planning and all. But I'm so happy that I'm finally 18! Yes!!! Now I can accept exclusive invitations from clubs, do certain advertorials and events that require me to be 18!! Okay. I know I don't look 18 (maybe much older).

I hope I would just be 18 now, and just stop there. Like really STOP.

My birthday wishlist:

1. Nikon J1
2. MacBook Air
3. Blackberry 9990 (I know I know, I just changed a new BB :( )
4. Melody stuffs like DVD player and tv
5. Burberry bag
6. Walk-in cupboard
7. Make up drawer (my current one has no more space left!)
8. Make up stuffs :D

And so many more!!!!!!

Hehe. Dear I know you are looking at this. Now u get a clearer picture of what I want. *hint hint*

Lastly I wish that there will be world peace, 2012 will not be the last year of my life; our life, my family to be happy, and everyone that loves will to stay healthy and rich.

:D Special thanks to people whom had been by my side: Mom, Dad, Aunt, Cousins, Bro, bf. Deb, Jann, Nicollette, and many many more. Me love love you all!!

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