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03 January 2012

How to be slim


Was looking at a tv show, nv ren wo zui da (Taiwan Variety show) and they were talking about how to be slim and all!

So this was the video that I took, right from my bf's tv. There would be chinese subtitles, so basically, you could just turn off the volume of the video! Too many background noise, so I think you couldn't be able to hear the lady talking even if you want to :x

Hmm okay. I know the video kind of confusing, so let me do a short write-up to explain the video above!

The lady was actually saying that usually, when we are at home, or outside, we tend to slough, and it would make our tummy bulge and be fatter. (This video would be most suitable for ladies that are generally slim, but have big tummies.)

She was doing this '3 min' exercise that we all could do while we are watching the tv, or even at home waiting for our masks to dry! :D

Just follow the steps as shown, and play some slow, smoothing music to help you count your beat!

Goodluck and feedback to me on how it works k?? I'm actually doing this at home too :x

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