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05 March 2012

Life still goes on

Hello! Not at home now, so I don't really have pics to blog. Although I was kinda looking forward to Sentosa on 14th, but I doubt the plan will stay the same.

Just feel like typing somewhere. How the hell is life so brittle, and why would everybody fight for their own rights, and could ignore one another's feelings? I'm tired of all these nonsense shit.
No. I'm not emo or what so ever, just feel disgusted knowing that there are actually people all over the world trying their best to overthrow another human, trying to outwit another helpless soul.

Life still goes on, with or without u. I don't live for anyone. And even if I live for someone, that person won't be you.

I don't even understand. Why would someone be so easily influenced, to the extend that they don't even see themselves?

I live, for myself. And no one can ever change that.

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